Taking culture as a vehicle, preaching and teaching a mission, spreading knowledge and wisdom into the universe”, School of Culture and Communication has achieved a renowned training mode called “zero distance” for nurturing applied talents, which typically matches with the educational philosophy and characteristics of students of Zhejiang Wanli university. The school is currently composed of Department of Chinese, Journalism, Advertising, Editing and Publishing, Culture and Communication Research Centre and the Modern, Media Laboratory, a Chinese Language and Literature. In total, four respective majors as that of Journalism, Advertising and Editorial and Publishing are designed for undergraduates, currently with 1700 registered students.

There are altogether 63 staffs. Full-time teachers take 53 seats (6 professors, 14 associate professors, 9 doctorates and 4 PhD candidates, 33 Lecturers) 2 Master mentors, 1 Talent Project of 151 under Zhejiang Province, 2 outstanding provincial teachers. There are also 20 various other distinguished guest professors and mentors at the national, provincial levels or media fields.

The school has taken full advantages of good teaching and research environment and resources, equipping itself with 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 Modern Media Laboratory Center, 4 Province-funded projects, 1 Non-linear Editing Lab, 1 Hard Disk Broadcast System, and 1 Digital Editing and Publishing Lab, and 1 Creative Advertising Laboratory. The school in particular owns 1 national major with unique characteristics, 1 key provincial major, 1 special major at the university level. In addition, the school has owned 1 mode venue of Zhejiang province for Talent Training as well as 50 bases designed for practicing and teaching purposes as People's Daily, China Youth Daily,which are scattered all over the province and the country.

In recent years, our school has gained comprehensive research capability, having completed more than 100 research projects, of which 2 are under the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund (the China Cultural Industries Theory of Property Rights and Property Rights System and New Writers and the Spirit of Confucian Culture ), 1 Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Science Fund Project, 7 projects are under the Zhejiang provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund. In addition, the teachers have published 20 academic books and teaching materials based on their accumulated experience in teaching researching,over than 300 academic papers were also published, among which a number of research results have won awards from the provincial government, the education department, and bureaus association levels.

In October 2007, the Supervision Committee of Journalism under Ministry of Education awarded our school as the Nation-wide Local Practice Application Unit for Talent of Journalism and Communication. At the same year, this major was named the Nation-wide Major with Local Specialties. Benefited from these resources and advantages, the students have won numerous awards and prizes while participating various academic competitions, as Challenge Cup for college students; Qualification Competition for Secretary by students of Chinese major; the National Speech Contest by students of Journalism, National Advertising Art Competition, that of Asia Pacific Student Advertising Competition as well as the China Student Advertising Festival by students of Advertising. Respectively the students acquired first prize in five, second and third 50 times, and Best Organized Groups Award in the national and provincial and municipal levels. During the previous three years, students had more than 10 papers published, more than 70 students passed the exams of national and local civil servants, 20 graduate students, were admitted as post-graduate candidates, more than 30 business canters were also set by our students. Deductively it was just because of the good school performance as well as school brand effect gained, Currently the employment rate is gaining a promising growth year after year, reaching above 90%.